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Young Croydon Composers - Masterclass 2022

Young Croydon Composers - Masterclass: is a high quality training and mentoring programme pilot project for young people aspiring to be music industry professionals. Skilled & currently active professionals gave participants a detailed understanding of the music industry, professional attitude, songwriting, production, understanding their rights and projecting themselves as artists, giving them well-rounded training in how best to use their skills for a career in music. They were encouraged to engage, create and jam with others, rehearse and perform at Front Room in Croydon, which is  a fully equipped live venue. 


Our core team of project producer Shirin Sriram & masterclass leaders Shri Sriram, Michael FullerAntonio Lewis & were joined by singer songwriter Tanya Lacey & musician / producer Marcus Cliffe.


The project is produced and run by Drum The Bass and funded by the Amplify London scheme which is a partnership between London Music Fund & Youtube Music.

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