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YCC&C 2022

Young Croydon Composers & Choreographers 2022 (YCC&C) is a cross-cultural & cross-arts collaborative music & dancetheatre creative development project, produced by Shirin Sriram of Drum The Bass & Ciara Brennan of Croydon Music & Arts. Experienced music mentors Shri Sriram & Dennis Rollins along with dance mentors Temujin Gill & Sunanda Biswas guided & assisted 20 young musicians and 20 young dancers to compose / choreograph, rehearse & perform 4 pieces of work they created together over 15 sessions. The resulting work truly celebrates the diversity and talent that exists in Croydon!!

Special thanks to Arts Council England, Croydon Music and Arts & Drum The Bass for supporting this project and thanks to our volunteers Bertie, Amy and Ashley.

Summer Rain: Musicians: Grace Keane: electric guitar & vocals, Rosa Wan Lawrence: electric bass, Luc Sinclair: violin, Aman Niranjan: flute & vocals & Sulina Assemakis: electric guitar.


Dancers: William Colgate, Natasha Cox, Paula Afekare-Ortola, Chloe Shawsmith, Megan Atkins & Aron

Feed The Fam: Musicians: Presh Arode: vocals, Omar Nesbeth-George: flute, Chloe Akoh-Arrey: electric guitar, Pratham Prathap: steel pans & Matthew Lee: keys.


Dancers: Divine Antwi, Jada Agyemang Yawson, Brindaa Prasanna, Reshayne Bailey & Rithiekaa Umasuthan.

Anti Social Distance: Features Musicians: Irene Bognanni & Daniel Arode: vocals, Zhegia Espino: Keys, Bess Arthur: electric bass, Mahathi Mohanasuntharan: cello.


Dancers: Laila-Kay Lares, Jaghana Udayasankar & Arina Diaconu. 

For The Hundredth Time: Musicians: Arthur Duckworth & Martha Keane: electric guitar & vocals, Jimi Hiillman: electric guitar, Rachel Baidoo: keys, Nishayini Sivarajah: Indian flute.


Dancers: William Colgate, Chloe Shawsmith, Misha Aiyudibia & Megan Atkins

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